electric tea kettle

This is what happens when…

Well, not sure what happened. Maybe someone’s grandma was given this without the box. Or maybe this is a result of someone sleepwalking or catching Alzheimer on the spot. Its actually sad. The reaction I got when I first seen this was a hysterical moment.

What could have design done in this situation? Like it or not, we as designers have to also design for this situation. During the design process its up to us to create moments like this and provide a solution. In this case one thing viable is to create a signal that responds to extreme heat outside the body of the kettle (in theory) (preferably a loud beeping sound) for those grandmas who can still hear, thus preventing the kettle from being damaged this way. And it looks like this model gave off some pretty harmful fumes as well. And perhaps if the user can’t hear maybe the tea kettle jumps off the stove and goes upside the users head!

Hey robots are becoming quite advanced these days…

9 Responses to Kettle

  1. Meagan Wilson says:

    haha, that’s too funny. I value what you’re writing here. Keep posting that way. Take care!

  2. Lynda says:

    Haha, this is awesome Tyson!

    Sounds like my gran gran god bless her…

  3. VLF designs says:

    Haha, Great blog! Thanks for creating it. Keep going that way.

  4. C. Nellahja says:

    Great post thanks, like your blog layout too. Is it Drupal?

  5. Joanie Auckerman says:

    Mainly wanted to post and inquire where you obtained your design? I’m scouting for one for my current site and really appreciate yours. Thanks so much.

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