International Self Portrait day

I’ve been watching this guy’s channel on youtube for about 2months.
Then just recently he does a new self portrait and suddenly I feel like hey, when was the last time I’ve done one of those.

It was all she wrote though. Time spent 3.o hours. Probably the quickest I’ve ever arrived at a digital painting with great execution.

I was thinking of some ideas and one specifically jumped out. I wanted to attempt a sky diving theme. However I quickly found out that I was pressed for time as I needed to collect some reference shots to complete the final. So economically speaking I settledĀ  on the no shave November theme. I thought it was very fitting

I thought the decision to dumb down the background would keep the focus centered on!

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Art 101: Form,shape, depth, composition

Did a piece with dry analog medium a couple years ago. This is my digital attempt at that style. I will be taking this to the next phase by producing about three different styles of the same image.

Traditional medium, 3Dimensional form, perception, surrealism, impressionism:

This image will evolve as I’m looking to convey a certain mood where this piece will work great in urban!

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Concept Art PNT.1: resolution ramping


So I’ve been working fairly hard to get this guy up to a tight enough rendering. As you can see by the photo I’ve been sculpting in the design. It’s quite a bit different from the sketch. I figured detailing would be tough but I’m starting to find out how easy it really is. I think I may do away with that background as well not sure yet.

For the background I think I’m gonna have to do some separate studies on those and then try and incorporate one of these bots into a well fleshed out environment. I can see major progress which is proving to be well worth the time investment. Pretty soon here I’ll be focusing more on how to speed up the workflow, but as of now I need to be producing professional renderings.

Later as things are flowing well I’ll be really working on getting out these ideas locked away in my mind. Yesterday during prayer I was getting all these cool visions of a futuristic ship. There’s gonna be more of those and I’m getting myself ready!!

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Concept Art PNT.1: color pallete


Here’s some of the next phase of this painting. The image behind sheds light on the color palette.

This painting is very challenging because I’m having to deal with an industrial made object placed in an organic environment.

“I keep having to tell myself to breath…”

In terms of design: I’ve begun to change up some of the design to the robot’s cavity. You can see that the cavity now has some volume. Also the robot’s right leg has been operated on as it was previously out of perspective. I think I’m going to be changing up the feet as well moving forward. The robot by end will have this sleek smooth armor.

The water is very challenging. I used the reference image to sort of guide me in the direction that this body of water will take on. Currently the water is very dark and does not feel anything like it is headed toward being a body of water. In the meantime I’m working on figuring out which brush is going to quickly give me that texture that disturbed water often has when stirred up by wind and in this case some kind of mysterious force.

One other thing I keep trying to get a grasp of is a result in which my mind keeps flipping between a level of rendering and style that I’m trying to convey. I keep having to tell myself to breath and slow down and most importantly take breaks and observe what’s happening.

All in all I’m enjoying this piece. Learning so!

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